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Traditional Blend - 1 lb

Traditional Blend - 1 lb

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This is our proprietary mix of green and aged Yerba Maté and is used as the base for all of our products.

During the processing of Yerba Maté, after the product is dried, it is placed in chambers to be aged. This is called stationing and contributes to the flavor of Yerba Maté. Stationing gives it a milder flavor and the longer it is aged the milder the flavor becomes. 

Fresh (not stationed) Yerba Maté is is green and more bitter than stationed Yerba Maté. Because it is fresh, it is said to have a higher nutritional value.

Oregon Yerba Maté offers you the best of both worlds! All of our products are made from a blend of certified organic green and stationed Maté for the best in taste and nutritional value. We are the only company to use a combination of both green and aged Yerba Maté as the base for all of our blends.